Liana Vasilescu

Group Fitness Trainer

It became clear to Liana over time that, regardless of the field – and she tackled some quite different ones at first glance – it seems most natural to her to interact with the people she comes into contact with, to connect with them, and , more recently, to help them find their own answers. For this, yoga has proven to be the best way – yoga or pilates classes may seem purely physical activity at first glance, but all those who have returned and practice consistently know that they are much more than that.

Apart from yoga, a lot of what I do is related to people – communication, copywriting, events – that is, I write, speak and do events with people in creative fields (interior design, architecture, film, etc). Maybe that’s why when I want to balance the balance I choose rather solitary contexts: I ski as much as I can, I climb (at the climbing gym, for now) as often as I can, I go to the mountains whenever and almost anywhere, although I prefer rock and moonscapes . They are the best places to keep quiet and be very happy:).

“Context is everything”

is her motto: Liana believes that an instructor/teacher (or, better said, any man who speaks to other people and conveys his own knowledge in a field) must understand who is in front of him, from the level of physical training to the type of speech that builds a connection.

Apart from yoga and pilates, Liana has a background in communication & PR, copywriting, project management in the sphere of creative industries, publishing projects, etc.

certified yoga instructor – Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Teacher Training Course – Hatha Yoga (Daanasana InternationalSchool of Yoga)
certified Pilates instructor (Move On Pilates Academy)
100 hours TTC – ashtanga/rocket/vinyasa – YogaNova and Trance-Fusion Coaching and Training (dr. phd. Martin Fine & Adriana Cruceanu)
50 hours Advanced Teacher Training Rocket & Vinyasa – Yoga Nova
200 hours Ashtanga Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance Certified – Yoga Nova, Bucharest
30 hours Kundalini Workshop (Paris)
Iyengar Alignment workshop – Ravi Kumar, India
YogaHour 30 hours Workshop – Neda Honvardar/ Tough Love Yoga
Iyengar Vinyasa Yoga Workshop, 20 hours workshop – Vladimir Jandov
Wellness Festival Bucharest – 2017, 2018, 2019
Move On Yin and Yang Conventions: March 2018, October 2018, February 2019
Inner Engineering Training – Isha Yoga
Angamardana Yoga Training – Isha Yoga