Robert Vasile


Energetic and ready to come up with solutions to any problem (fitness, of course), Robert will be on the lookout for things to go as smoothly as possible in #mymotric but also in fitness rooms. If you have a question, suggestion, or problem, you know who to turn to.


  •  U.N.E.F.S- Kinesiotherapy and Special Motricity
  • I practiced professional basketball for 6 years
  • fitness instructor course – Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness
  • Personal Trainer-International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness course


  • I am an energetic person
  • I am passionate about technology and fashion
  • I like extreme sports and team sports
  • I love to travel
  • I love music
  • I love meeting new people
  • I love helping people and improving their mood