We make it easy for people to improve their lives by using an integrated approach to their movement and workout.

Adapted movement brings better living

We are simple but efficient. In #mymotric we support a #smart lifestyle. How? Through programs and classes fully adapted to the needs of your body. Together we find balance in the best self-care routine. – #here #now

What will you experience?

Efficiency in 35 minutes with Milon

Personalized workouts

Stretching for the modern person

Move. Train. Live. Your self-care routine


High-tech digital equipment with a market presence of more than 45 years that has proven its effectiveness especially in medical recovery programs.


You always need to be yourself and that is why you have to understand what your body needs. The electronic bracelet will know everything about you, and the my motric trainers will constantly monitor your evolution and the changes you need.


Subscriptions and access to the room are digitized. Book your place for fitness classes on the way to the office.


InBody 770 – modern technology, ready to give detailed answers about your body.


35 minutes and we promise to work out the most important muscle groups. Yes, we are efficient.


The my motric team consists of members specialized in kinesiotherapy. We look at the problem as a whole and give solutions in detail.

Adapted is the new efficient

Milon, Wonderwall, Woodway, Five stretching – challenges for beginners and professionals.

Training and good cheer. The #mymotric trainer team is ready to challenge you.

We treat pain as a temporary inconvenience. There is a workout for each affected area.

We believe in a healthy business environment.

Digitalize your movement.

Subscriptions made easy

We believe in efficiently built plans and we would not want to waste a minute waiting in line. The main target is to invest in yourself and in a healthy lifestyle.

Now you can create your online account and then monitor your evolution, and you enter the room by checking in with the electronic bracelet and you are ready to get to work!

You know what to do, right?

Corporate plans

Great things were created by strong teams. A healthy business needs nothing but people who want to give their best and who have found the right pace of life. #mymotric rewards businesses that take care of their most valuable resources – their employees – with tailor-made offers. The more, the merrier – for everyone!

Choose the right offer for your team!

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