Theodora Haidu

Group Fitness Trainer

Theodora Haidu is a yoga instructor for children (Yoga Alliance accredited), hatha yoga instructor for adults (Yoga Alliance accredited), intuitive therapist, lover of beauty, nature and life!

Thodora tells us that life has guided her through the Access Bars, Theta healing, Time-line Healing and emotional release courses and inner journeys.

Through the yoga class she teaches, she encourages connection to the body, to movement, to correct breathing techniques. All this supporting the body, mind and spirit to be harmonized and balanced.

At the above, Theodora also connects people with her class through smell, using essential oils as well as the sound of a Tibetan bowl.

In Yoga class, your pace slows down, you allow yourself to breathe, to bring gratitude and appreciation for yourself. Theodora is waiting for you at MyMotric!