Emilia Olinici

Group Fitness Trainer

“I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself!”

Sport entered my life, in the true sense of the word, in 2013. Then I had a multitude of questions, uncertainties, but above all a major desire to live my life in the most beautiful and healthy way possible, right for which I made the decision to deepen my knowledge and taste more of the information provided by competent people in the field, so I decided to follow the courses of the Sports for All Federation (F.R.S.P.T.), after which I became an aerobics and fitness instructor.
In all the time that followed this beginning, I understood that everything related to sports has contributed fantastically to a major change, for the better, in my spiritual state, wanting to share what I experienced with as many people as possible, so so that the smile that lights up my life I pass on to all those who decide to spend time with me. I then proposed to explore this universe of sports and fuel my passion by participating in specialization courses, workshops and international fitness conventions. The next step was the opening of his own studio, to share the accumulated knowledge with everyone and to motivate them to follow a healthy lifestyle, including sports.
In this stage of my life, I met beautiful and ambitious people, who helped me to discover myself and to want more.

Classes held:

In the STEEL TRAINING class, we will tackle weight training suitable for toning the muscles of the whole body!
For 50 minutes, the exercises are combined in a well-planned choreography, with a logical transition and target the main muscle groups.
Thus, basic exercises for arms, legs, chest, back and abdomen are performed to the music, using dumbbells and barbells.

• Increases muscle tone;
• It invigorates the passive motor system, leading to an increased need for calcium in the bones;
• Prevents osteoporosis and bone diseases;
• Improves coordination;
• Stimulates the cardiovascular system and central circulation;
• Increases body strength and resistance;
• Reduces stress and tension, improving not only the physical but also the mental;
• Delays aging, improving the quality of life of each participant;
• Trains the respiratory system thus increasing lung capacity;
• Stimulates metabolism, promoting fat burning.