Mihaela Radulescu

Group Fitness Trainer

Mihaela Rădulescu is an extremely active person who does not say NO to any challenge. A lover of sports and exercise, Mihaela has considerable experience in fitness, and her group classes are very diversified and loved by all who cross her threshold.

Thus, Mihaela presents below some of the group classes she holds at MyMotric:


Zumba involves a combination of elements related to dance and elements from the sphere of aerobics. Zumba choreography incorporates moves from hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, reggaeton, mambo, martial arts, and even Bollywood.

Although it seems like a hybrid sport, Zumba is recommended by specialists precisely for the many benefits it has both on the body and on the psyche of those who practice it. Zumba moves challenge and move all muscle groups, shaping and toning the body. At the same time, they act like cardio exercises, demanding your heart and improving your cardiovascular system.

So, during one session you can burn between 700 and 1000 calories, which makes Zumba a recommended program for those who want to get rid of extra pounds in a healthy and effective way.


Nirvana Fitness is a body & mind detox system through the natural way to remove stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, prolonging life through sufficient oxygenation.

Nirvana aims to bring to the fore the importance of paying attention to movement and correct breathing in everyday life. Medical science has revealed an alarming fact: 80% of the population breathes incorrectly (superficially and ineffectively).

Nirvana Fitness is a system that brings attention to correct breathing through a series of functional toning/pilates exercises. Everything happens on chillout musical rhythms accompanied by theta waves that directly influence the relaxation center


Fitball is a type of physical exercise in which the main role is played by the ball. A special ball. Exercise balls (Fitball) vary in diameter between 35 and 85 centimeters, having a soft elastic structure.
Although under different names (swing ball, gym ball, therapy ball, sports ball), the fitball differs from the medicine ball due to its dimensions.

When working with a fitball, you have to consider a very important aspect: it must “fit” your body structure, that is, when you sit on it, the lateral angle between your legs and pelvis, knees and ankles should form 90 degrees .
With the help of the fitball you can do a lot of exercises. These can be done statically or dynamically (accompanied by music): balance, toning, stretching exercises.
The exercises differ depending on the area you want to work and the intensity of the training.

The benefits of fitball:

• maintains muscle tone;
• relaxes tense muscles;
• improves balance and coordination;
• slims the waist;
• helps to burn fat faster
• excellent for the dorsal area;