• The access in the gym or in the classes will happen through a pre-booking using the Upfit app or by phone in the reception.
  • Maximum of members accepted in the gym will be 55 ppl at a time (considering the floor space and the rules imposed) in Timpuri Noi.
  • We can do classes with 10 ppl in Timpuri Noi.
  • When the booking is made by phone the client should be asked a few basic question ( ex: if they have temperature? If they traveled outside in the last 2 weeks?)
  • Trainers will have masks handy in case there is a client which demand that.
  • PT sessions can take place in the aerobic studio as well.
  • Due to the fact that there is a prebooking system, the time accepted in the gym per client is limited to 50 min training + 10 min changing. 3 times a day ( morning, noon and evening) a general disinfection will be made in the gym.


  • Every member should bring his own towel and only in exceptional cases we will hand one.
  • Every member should disinfect hands at the entrance
  • In the reception area clients will be tested with a non-contact thermometer.
  • The waiting area in the reception will marked with info signs


  • The use of locker-rooms in Timpuri Noi will be respecting the 4 sqm/ person, 4 ppl at the same time.
  • No shower allowed. Eventually we can provide some wet towels for wiping.


  • The training will be done with consideration for all the existing ppl in the gym.
  • Members will be advised to clean the machines after working out using the disinfectant available on each machine.
  • The Milon Circuit was set with 1 min work and 1 min break, to ensure the time need it for cleaning.
  • The doors of the gym will be open every 3 hours for 15 min for a natural ventilation.


  • Group Fitness classes will start on the 1st of July
  • Classes will take place only based on booking
  • Normal timing of a class will be 60 min. The break between 2 classes will be of 15 min.
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