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It is a simple and comfortable practice that does not require much effort or special equipment.

It combines elements from yoga, psychotonic and autogenic training, martial arts, relaxation stretching or maintenance fitness, summing up their beneficial effects. It is a concept that focuses mainly on breathing exercises, introspection techniques and selective focusing on primary states, stretching of the spine. Its main benefits are sensory awareness, functional recovery, joint and functional toning.
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The major advantage of this class is the training of the short skeletal muscles along with

the large muscle groups: the ball is an "active" support and will continuously address the postural muscles, getting used to constantly maintaining a correct body position. The air in the ball will take up 1/3 of the body weight (cushioning), which leads to a decrease in the weight exerted on the ankle and knee joints.
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Interval Training

It is an intense and very effective training in which the participants put their

limits to the test. Being a cardio workout, you burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, the advantage being that you do not burn muscle mass. Workouts aim to tone the whole body and the structure of the class is based on circuits. An hour includes 7-8 circuits, each one composed of 8 active rounds (20 seconds) and a break between them (10 seconds) with a long break of 1 minute between the circuits in which the class participants return to normal cardio respiratory parameters. To be honest, there’s no time for boredom!
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Body awareness. “It doesn't matter what you do, it matters how you do it!! is the defining

motto in this class. The workout is done standing up and on the mattress. In addition to correcting posture, this concept teaches us how to breathe systematically, mindfully and efficiently. The structure of the class differs depending on the trainer but the basic rules of this method are observed.
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The class takes place at a slow pace, breathing is correlated with body movements.

Breathing exercises help regulate heart rate and decrease the activity of the central nervous system. Through this balance of respiration, the body also regulates its hormonal balance. The effects on muscles and joints are immediate and visible: it tones the muscles, improves flexibility and activates the body fascia. Do you need balance in your life? Yoga is the solution!
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The class where fun comes first. Dancing is the main “exercise”

– various dance styles are combined with classical aerobic movements. We see styles such as: salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton, hip-hop and flamenco. Are you ready to learn a new choreography?Book class


Stimulates the increase of heart rate and respiration in a pleasant and sustainable way

for a session in the gym. At the end of the class you are not out of breath, but you leave full of energy!
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The mind-body connection means that you can learn to use your thoughts to positively

influence some of your body's physical responses, thus lowering stress. If you learn to strengthen the connection between the two, your mood will only have to gain!
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You miss cycling, don't you? Try the #mymotric cycling lessons and

consume your energy, tone your body and have fun even on rainy days when the bike has to stay in the garage.
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Functional Training

Improve your daily exercise performance and quality of life. Functional training

focuses on the goal through movement patterns. Take care of your body and start today!
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Group PT

Group PT – Where there are many, the energy increases. Take your friends and come

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Postural Pilates

Pilates provides many benefits to anyone who wants to improve their physical presence.

In particular, it will help you maintain good posture habits and increase receptivity and basic muscles.
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Steel Training

Steel training workouts are the epitome of functional training.

The workout improves athletic performance like no other fitness tool.
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Workouts contribute to the long-term support of bone health by doing more productive aerobics

exercises, preventing injuries and facilitating healthy aging. Youth without old age, and painless exercise!
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Total Body Workout

If you want to gain even more strength, lose significant fat mass and attract more looks

than usual, you will definitely choose the Total Body workouts! Our classes and trainers will make you work out all muscle groups on the same day. Not sure if Thursday is biceps or leg day? At Total Body we do both… and then some.Book clasa

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