Timpuri Noi Club

We want to be close to you whenever you need us and we are a just subway stop away. Do you already have a subscription? Then put on your gym clothes, take your electronic bracelet or how we like to call it – the personal trainer, and see you in the gym in Timpuri Noi!

If you decide to come to us for a whole month, you enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to the gym and if you don’t like working out alone, you are welcome to group workouts.
  • You are constantly monitored by my motric coaches. They will constantly check your physical condition through the electronic bracelet that will be present at every workout you take. Future exercises will be adapted according to the results and requirements of your body. You just arm yourself with will power and we will handle the rest!
  • Because we want to get to know each other as well as possible, you will enjoy Milonizer fitness and mobility tests to understand in more detail the problems and needs of your body.

So? What did you say you were doing tomorrow?

Let’s go to the gym

Pipera Club

Once again, you’ve been at the office for too long, haven’t you? The hours spent in the chair in front of the computer, and, we suspect in an incorrect back posture, and working overtime affects your body more than you think. A healthy lifestyle involves regular sports activities. We know, we know, leaving the office and driving to the gym can be tiring after a busy day, but what if we come closer to you?

Our gym in Pipera, right next to the subway station, is ready to help you recharge your batteries!

All you need is the digital bracelet which gives you access to the gym and which will be your personal trainer for the next 35 minutes (at least) of effective training. You enjoy:

  • Unlimited access, to work out by yourself or in group classes;
  • Constant supervision by the trainers who will constantly adapt your training according to your evolution;
  • Milonizer fitness and mobility test – we want to know what your body needs.

You finished work for today?

Let’s go to the gym